Thursday, February 20, 2014

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Pastor: Brenda K. Goudeaux 02//16/2014 “Keys to Living in the Kingdom of God” “The Principle of the Kingdom on Giving” Philippians 3:1 Genesis 14:20 Genesis 28:20-22 Malachi 3:6-10 Psalm 116:12 • Many churches will not talk about finances because the people do not want to hear about it • The reason you need to know about God’s way of financing is because it is safety for you • Think about the enemies that God has delivered you from – Bless be to God for that • God blesses His people with peace that passes all understanding • The tenth you are required to give God is a small amount compared to all the benefits you receive from giving the tithe • Whatever level you are on, and you sow your financial seed – God will multiply that seed • You must make up your mind that you are going to be a tither • You must make a vow to God and keep it “You will give your tithe” • Be faithful and glad to give from what God has given you • This thing is bigger than what you can see – All you can see is your money going out • But God sees bigger things in you – He opens windows of opportunity for you • God has many things He wants to do for you – And you just don’t want to limit God from blessing you over ten percent • Just think about all that God has done for you – What could you actually give to God for what He has done for you • Tithing is not about the money – It is about your obedience and gratitude • When you tithe , you are conquering greed in your life – Greed will not have a place in your life because you are open to God • If you don’t tithe, you are keeping back from God – You are taking what God said is Holy and blessed • You are robbing God from blessing you the way He wants to • God ‘s blessing is bigger than any man or woman can give to you • God wants to bless you – By not tithing, you’re robbing Him of the ability to bless you more • Many people stumble over the money – But there is blessing, increase, and favor that comes with tithing • The principle of tithing remains the same no matter what amount you have • Think about the blessing of the Tither – You do your part and God will do His part • Tithing is spiritual warfare – However, there is a spiritual umbrella that covers you when you’re in obedience to God’s Word on tithing

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Keys to Living in the Kingdom of God "Tithing"

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Pastor: Chris Antee 02/09/2014 “Keys to Living in the Kingdom of God” “Tithing” II Corinthians 6:14-18 Malachi 3:8-10 Proverbs 3:9-16 • You need to become a millionaire because of the vision that God has given Pastor Goudeaux • You need to catch the thief – In order to catch the thief, you must not be a thief • A thief is not going to catch his or her self • God has called you from out among the world system • By being faithful in the “little” and giving your best – You can become a millionaire • When you hear from God – You must do what he tells you to do • A thief will not be made a millionaire • Many are robbing God and don’t know they are – You are not only robbing God with the tithes, you are robbing Him with the offerings also • When you get in the “Will of God” , get the revelation, and become a believer – You will tithe • The reason you don’t tithe is because you don’t understand the power of tithing or you don’t believe • The results of believing in tithing is the actions you take with your faith • You tithe by faith – Faith is the action you take based on what you believe • God does not only want your money – He wants you to bring your tithes and be a part of the vision of the house • When God opens the windows of heaven - He gives you wisdom • Wisdom is more better than precious gold or silver • So when you are tithing - Just remember what is about to happen in your life • God will give you access to the wisdom that pertains to your life – That wisdom will get you out of poverty and into wealth

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux 01/05/2014 “Keys to Living in the Kingdom of God” “Seek His Way of Doing Things” Matthew 6:33 Luke 9:57-62 Luke 4:43 Acts 1:1-3 • A major problem to living in the “Kingdom of God” is learning how to hear and obey God • The thing that causes most people to have an issue is: the spirit of ignorance and disobedience • That spirit is the thing that is holding people back from receiving the greater blessings that God has in store for them • God wants you to get your life moving in the right direction • Seek means to crave, to hunger, to strongly desire • In Matthew 6:33, first means to make God a priority in your life • Because of the priority, there will be competition - You will have some challenges coming against you • The word first also means to compete • Whenever you seek something, you will come up against competition • The enemy does not want you to be successful in what you make a priority • Realize that competition is going to come when you make priorities in your life • God has a different way than Satan for doing things • There are two kingdoms in existence: Kingdom of God - kingdom of Satan • You must choose which kingdom you want to belong to • Recognition of God is not enough • You must start making some priorities in your life or you will just be manipulated and taken advantage of in every area of your life • Or you will never experience all the things that is available to you in the Kingdom of God • The word key is a principle • Principle is a fundamental law to function or operate with in order to experience the greater things that God has for you • You should unlock at least one door in your life during the year 2014 • Jesus focused on one thing that would change your life – “Kingdom of God living” • You must learn that you came out of the Kingdom of Satan (the world system) – You now have to learn how to live in the Kingdom of God • There are people who love God and are in the Kingdom of God, but have never opened up one door to experience the greater blessings that God has in store for them • You can have a key, but if you don’t know what the key goes to – It will not make difference in your life • If you will just learn the keys to the Kingdom of God, everything will change in your life • Stop talking about the keys and start opening some doors with them • You cannot operate in the Kingdom of God with your old Kingdom of Darkness keys • All the keys to the Kingdom of God and the knowledge you need to use them, is found in the Bible – Read the Word of God • Start unlocking new doors in your life today