Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Why should I Tithe"?

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux Jr 02/17/2013 “Winning The Lost At Any Cost” “Why Do/Should I Tithe” Romans 4:18-21 Mark 4:14-19 Hebrews 11:1,6,33; (1-33) Genesis 4:1-7 • If you want to be blessed by God, there are some things you must do • You must obey His Word in the area of tithing • Tithing represents to God who is in ownership • God gives you the free will to tithe or not to tithe • Tithing is ten percent – God really owns it all, you are just giving back to Him a tenth • You should tithe because you appreciate God and because you want to please Him • If you want to please someone - You will go out of your way to please them or do what you can for them • Tithing is pleasing God Four key things you must be willing to do: 1. You must be willing to take bold actions without understanding • God will tell you to do something and you must be prepared to do it 2. Be willing to pursue wisdom • Every wrong decision you make is due to a lack of wisdom • Wisdom comes through the Word of God 3. Be willing to fight negative thoughts • The enemy is going to do everything he can to throw negative thoughts into your mind to stop you from being successful and victorious • Satan’s job is to pollute your mind with negative thoughts to cause you to doubt God’s ability, power, and willingness to show up on your behalf • You must cast down all negative thoughts 4. Be able to stand up under pressure • When you get pressure, you need to lift your head and shout your way out • You must put some pressure on the enemy • Pray more, give more, and go out and win some souls • The number one thing that Satan does to rip you off – He uses offense • Grow up and start letting people dictate to you • As you start trying to get your life together – The enemy is going to fight against you • If you want to lift more weight – You must put more weight on the bar • The enemy wants to choke the Word in you - He does not want you to be under the Word • He wants your life to be fruitless • If you are going to live a victorious life – You can not consider the circumstances around you • The circumstances will come to dictate to you because they want to kill, steal, and destroy • When you are going through circumstances – Began to praise and give God the glory for your victory • The enemy is fighting against you because you have some faith that he wants to steal from you • Faith is not just believing – It is acting on the Word of God • Acting on the Word releases the power of God on your behalf • You don’t have to see it to know that you have it Some things your must do this year to have the greatest year you have ever had: 1. Hear the Word like you have never heard it before 2. Dream like you have never dreamed before 3. Believe God like you have never believed Him before 4. Pray like you have never prayed before 5. Obey like you have never obeyed before 6. Sow like you have never sown before 7. Praise God like you have never praised Him before • God has principles and ways that He wants to bless you • God will not allow you to manipulate Him • God wants you to do what the Word says • When you take the key of faith and put it into the ignition of God’s Word – Things will start happening in your life • It will only happen when you do what God tells you to do

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hearing And Obeying

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux 02/03/2013 “Winning The Lost At Any Cost” “Hearing and Obeying” Psalm 100:1-5 Genesis12:1-4 Genesis 14:18-20 Genesis 28:15-22 You need to understand that you owe God everything If it was not for the goodness and mercy of God – You would not be here today Most people are living on God’s mercy God has greater things in store for you if you are a believer You must put something in to get something out It’s an unfair exchange because you will always get back more than you give The first thing you give is your life - You give your life to God and He gives life back to you by exchanging death for life God told Abram to come out from among his country, kindred, and his father’s house The number one principle for your success, your breakthrough, and your miracle is hearing and obeying Because Abram obeyed, God made him rich When you obey the principles of God – You activate God’s ability to show up on your behalf Your obedience to God will bring the anointing upon your life The anointing will cause you to defeat anything the enemy brings against you The anointing will bring restoration to you Everything that Satan has taken from you will be restored You need to ask God to give you an instruction so that you can obey it God will cause your enemies to surrender to you One of your greatest enemies is debt God wants you to be so prosperous by hearing and obeying Him - That you will not have to borrow money for what you need to buy The world system does not want you to have that kind of power Abram turned around out of gratitude, thanksgiving, honor, and respect and gave tithes of all Abram gave back to God for all the blessings that God bestowed upon him When you come to the place of gratefulness to God for all that He is No matter how bad the situation rises against you - You will always give God the glory and honor by giving tithes and offering You must realize that you owe God everything Not out of fear or bondage – But out of thanksgiving When you say you love God – He wants you to show Him your love If you will bring the tithes to God – He will cause a blessing to come upon you God does not need your tithes – He needs your obedience Don’t comprise your tithes when you are going through tough times God will send an angel unto you Let God know that you will always honor Him out of love - By giving back a tenth of all that you acquire