Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pastor Phillip G. Goudeaux-Calvary Christian Center G-12 Life Notes

 “The Year of God’s Great Abundance of Grace”    

Acts4:33            Luke 2:40                  Luke 2:52 

  • This is your time – You are in it now – Get a Revelation
  • You can’t rise above your revelation of  grace
  • There is a grace difference  - God’s unmerited Favor is only one facet
  • Grace is also God’s ability or power to assist you to do what he has called you to do
  •  God will give you the grace to live right - In faith – In Power – In favor
  • We live by faith not by sight – We forgive so that we are forgiven
  •  Faith is the activator – Jesus’ faith was always active
  • Jesus had great grace -If he needed grace - We have to have it too
  • This is your grace breakthrough -  This is your grace and favor miracle
  • Another area of his power and grace is - His favor on your behalf
Genesis 39:2            1 Kings 11:19         1Cortinians 15:10

  •  The devil is a dream killer - The devil is a vision stealer
  •  God is bigger than any of your circumstances - God is bigger than what you are going through
  • Faith will look past the right now – Faith can see the future
  • Will God find faith when he comes? – Is there their faith in your house
  • Favor is never an accident - It is always a deliberate act
  • Activate your faith today- Faith has to do with the heart
  • Grace is never an accident it is activated by faith  
  • You work the grace given to you – Like you work the word – By faith
Hebrews 4:16      Zechariah 4:6     Psalms 102:     2Cortinians 6:2   

  • There is a throne called grace – Come boldly to the throne of grace
  •  It is by the Spirit of God – Today is the day of salvation
  •  Shout Grace – Shout Grace –Grace - Grace
  •  Speak grace over everything - Operate in faith