Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Happy New Year "2011" !

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
December 26, 2010
“Seeking and Going After God”
“Seeking God’s Face”

II Chronicle 7:14, 15 I Chronicle 28:9 Deuteronomy 4:29 Ezra 8:21, 22
Psalm 27:1 - 4 Proverbs 8-17

• If we are going to experience God’s glory and power – His miracle working power on our behalf – We have to seek Him as never before

• Seeking or going after anything is work – The enemy will do anything that he can to keep you from being a seeker

• Because when you seek God – You will find Him

• One thing the enemy does not want you to do – To find God in a new and fresh way

• Because it will change your life in a greater area

• Many Christians have gotten stalemate in their relationship with God

• Their relationship with God has reached a plateau - Their commitment level has not grown – They are not experiencing the Splendor of God –The Glory of God – In the way that He wants them to experience it

• So their life is not the shining example that God wants it to be in order to draw people to Him

• God wants you to have an unquenchable hunger for Him – That you desire Him more than anything else

• When you have that unquenchable hunger for Him – God then shows up in more ways than you can ever imagine

• We should be moving to glory to glory

• It is so easy to plateau in your relationship with God – When you’re not really seeking Him on a level greater than anything else

• If you are not challenging yourself to new levels of prayer – To new levels of fasting – To new levels of witnessing – To new levels of giving – Your relationship will stalemate.

• Seek God’s face – Not His hands or pocketbook

• Seek: Inquire - discover - go to – reach toward – reach out for – to search – to be after – to look high and low – to crave – deeply hunger for

• Serve God with a perfect heart and a willing mind – These are the things that will stop you from being a seeker after God

• If the year 2011 is going to be a greater year for you – It will happen when you make up your mind to go after God

• You can not go after God – Without Him going after you

• You can not seek Him – Without finding Him

• When you find Him – He will show you a new side – Some areas that you have never seen before in your life

• God is searching your heart – To see if your heart is really perfect before Him

• To see if your motives are really right – Whether you want Him the way that He wants you to want Him

• If you want the God of the Break-Through to show up for you – You have to start going after Him

• If you forsake God – He will cast you far off

• God wants you to have a relationship with Him for who He is – Not for what you can get from Him

• Seekers open the door for the God of the Break-Through to show up for them

• Satan hates seekers after God – Because he knows God will show up for them

• Satan will do everything he can to distract you – To block you from your pursuit after God

• Seekers always win

• Seekers live longer lives – Are more happier – More joyful than non-seekers

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Merry Christmas Calvary Christian Center G-12"

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
December 19, 2010
“The Covenant of Increase”
“Your Wealth Is Connected To Your Ability To Sell”

Matthew 16:14 Matthew 26:9 Matthew 21:12
Mark 11:15 Acts 4:32

• The devil does not want you to start moving in God’s power – To activate God’s promises on your behalf

• The promises are based on conditions – You have to do something

• God has increase on His mind concerning you

• Your prosperity is going to come through your hands

• Don’t be dependant on the government or anything else – God wants you to only depend upon Him

• God will give you insights, ideas, and concepts on how to get wealth

• Your wealth is connected to your ability to sell

• God wants you to take the anointing that is on your life and use some creative ideas to start selling something

• More people are getting financial prosperity in the down market than in the up market

• You must start recognizing that this is your time to shine – God is making millionaires in the down market

• Do not push your business in the church – People come to church to hear about Jesus

• The church must remain a sanctuary of refuge

• Understand your proper position or perspective – God has always got to be number one

• Don’t forget about the one who brought you to where you are now

• When you get into business – You take charge of your own life

• There is something inside of you for everybody – There is more inside of you

• God wants you to have your own business

• Most billionaires and millionaires are not “A” and “B” students

• Principles that will guarantee you success in the market place:

• #7 Principle of relationship - People want relationship over anything else

• #8 Principle of friendship – This closes more sales deals

• #9 Principle of perception – Customers will perceive you and determine whether they are
going to buy from you - Behind your behavior

• #10 Principle of reputation – Many people don’t trust anybody

• You need to have a good reputation – You should do what you say

• Work and protect your reputation – It is very important

• God is not going to promote you until you start working on your reputation

• #11 Principle of motivation – You must stay motivated

• What moves you? What drives you? - Find your passion – Your motivation is tied to this

• People want to buy from people that are motivated, excited, and those who want to make things happen

• God wants to do something bigger in your life than you can ever imagine

• It’s not going to happen until you start saying “I’m not going to let circumstances hold me down”

• If you can get your mind set on what you want to do – You can conquer the other situations in your life

• The devil wants to stop you from doing what you want to do – What do you want to do?

• #12 Principle of determination – Commitment is the number one thing that ties in with

• You must push through every situation that arises in your life

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Can God Use Us"

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
December 05, 2010
“Moving in His Power and Receiving His Promises”
“Can God Use You”

Psalm 115:12-14 Proverbs 3:19 -24 Proverbs 11 II Kings 4:1

• God has got you on His mind for increase

• Increase does not come through magic – It is going to come by you doing something

• You have to apply yourself so that God can bless the doings of your hands

• What do you have in your house?

• When you’re looking and talking about what’s on the outside of your house – At how bad things are on the outside

• You’re not looking on the inside – God can not do anything with you because all you’re doing is talking about what’s happening on the outside

• God is bigger than anything that you are dealing with

• At some point in your life – You have to go to God and take instruction from Him

• God can take what you think is nothing and make it real big

• God help you to see those things in your life – Those talents – Those abilities – Those gifting and those things inside of you

• What’s inside your house that you can use to magnify the Kingdom of God

• That God may be able to use you as a distribution center for the Kingdom of God

• Stop looking at the negative – Start looking inward and see what God has for you

• The Proverbs 31 woman was able to multitask – To make her house successful

• She recognized the abilities of her husband

• She perceived what she had to sell – She took his goods to the marketplace and sold them

• Three important keys to selling:
1. Learn how to listen
2. Getting and understanding
3. Start looking at your self

• If you are going to be the sales person that God wants you to be - To get to the place where God wants you to be at

• You must learn how to look inward

• Quit pointing the finger – Being critical – Judgmental - Full of bitterness and anger

• Get rid of all the negative things that are in your life

• Admit that you have issues in your life – Start dealing with the issues in you life

• Get yourself free as you can be

• You can never be what God wants you to be “successful” – Until you start looking inside yourself

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
November 28, 2010
“Moving in His Power and Receiving His Promises”
“Covenant of Increase”

Genesis 41:47 Genesis 47:13
Psalm 115:12-14 Proverbs 20:4 Proverbs 22:29 II Kings 4:1

• El Shaddai: The God that is more than enough – God has increase on His mind

• Your job is to position yourself so that increase can come your way

• Positioning yourself means doing something

• If you want to find the road to prosperity – Find out “What you have in your house”

• Don’t sit around waiting on the Government to support you after retirement

• Don’t put your faith in different Government Programs such as IRA’s and 401k’s

• Your faith must remain in God

• Many Christians have only one revenue stream

• The system is not for you – It is designed to keep you broke, busted, and disgusted

• You need to learn how to get out and sell something – Take a class on selling

• Start learning how to build revenue streams

• There are four kinds of Businesses:
E – Employee
S – Self-employed
B – Big business
I – Investment

• Only two of them will bring supernatural increase – To get you to a place of being debt free (Big business and Investment)

• Don’t expect the government to take charge of your life – You must take charge of your life

• Get out of the habit of being a worker (employee) – You need to be an owner

• There’s always something trying to stop you from doing what you need to do –Don’t be a sluggard - Sitting around waiting for something to happen or for the right time

• Remember, it is God who gives you the power to get wealth

• God will bless what you put your hands to – Start doing something

• To be successful in business – You must have these things:
Knowledge (what you do not know can destroy you)
Strong desire (force, power / to stretch forth beyond limitations)
Income (earned income)
Assets and liabilities

• Satan will try to put all kinds of limitations upon you - To hold you back

• We serve El Shaddai - The God of more than enough – And He has increase on His mind

• As you gather revenue – You should bring it into the Kingdom of God