Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Church Anniversary Dr. Earl Johnson 03/17/2013 “In The Beginning” “Everything In Life Has A Beginning” Psalm 119:104 Genesis 8:22 Genesis 1:14-16 Proverbs 8:10-13 • The problem that you have now is not the real problem • God is having you to examine your problem – So that you can see the opportunity that the problem brought • Stop looking at the problem and saying “I have a problem” • You should look at world affairs through the eyes of the Word of God • Through your precepts you get understanding • When everybody is preaching doom – You need to know that in the doom, there is a misunderstanding of “Glory” • As a believer, you have the opportunity to see the “Glory of God” rather than the doom • It’s where you choose to do it • God has done everything at creation • Creation became the foundation • Righteousness of God is the spiritual foundation for all existence • It’s God who did it – He laid the foundation – What more could He do? • The Righteousness of God is a standard by which God relates to you • God always takes care of the Righteous – He always provide for them • The Righteous are those who are in right standing with God • Right standing with God is achieved through Jesus • If you get knowledge – It will bring riches • You should not pursue riches – You should pursue wisdom and knowledge • There are many creations that must come into this world • God will give witty ideas to the believers first • Many believers are sitting on ideas that could make them wealthy • You must listen – You must hear – And you must get a pattern of obedience in your life • God hates a “forward mouth” • A “forward mouth” – is a mouth that speaks opposite of what God says • You “say” what God “say” • You should hate what God hates, and love what He loves • Always remember that there will always be :seedtime and harvest” • If you plant – You will reap • There is a life cycle for what you plant – Stop trying to see what’s growing and keep planting • The light in the firmament is for four things: 1. Signs – A distinguishing mark, warning, symbol 2. Seasons - An appointed time, place or meeting 3. Days 4. Years