Thursday, November 1, 2012

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Dr. Brenda K. Goudeaux 10/21/2012 “Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor” “The Lamb’s Agenda” “Blessed People” Psalm 33:12 Psalm 1:1-6 Psalm 9:17 Luke 11:28 • We are the people that God has chosen – We are His children • You are blessed because you have excepted God in your life • Because you have excepted Him – He has excepted you into His family • You are His inheritance and you should be representing Him in the earth • When you say you’re blessed – It means you’re happy, fortunate, to be envied and your God is Lord • Our nation serve the God of the bible – Our nation was founded on the God of the bible • Because of that foundation – The blessings of God is on our nation • It does not matter what you are going through – You are blessed • God takes care of His people in many different ways • You must keep a grateful heart and know that you are in a nation where God is Lord • Lord means that He is our supreme authority • Let Him be Lord so that He can be your Jehovah Jireh: (The Lord will provide) - Jehovah Nissi: (The Lord our banner) – Jehovah Rapha: (The Lord our healer) • You can expect that of Him when He is your Lord • God put you in His will when you excepted Him as Lord • It does not matter how you perceive yourself – You are blessed, fortunate, and you are to be envied • You should be happy about that • When you are going through things - Sometimes you have to look back at the things God has already done • Know that God is working on your behalf • As ong as you line up with God’s Word – You can expect His favor • If there is something going on that is contrary to the Word of God • You should not sit and be submissive, inactive or just rest and relax • You must be in the Spirit to understand the things of the Spirit • If you are around someone who does not speak the things of the Spirit • It is because they have not discerned what the Spirit is doing and saying • Don’t get angry with that individual or talk against them – Try to help them • Don’t get relaxed around them because you will find yourself talking and acting just like them • A blessed person ponders and studies God’s Word both day and night • This is where you get your instruction, energy, and strength • You represent Christ in the earth • Trust in God’s Word and know that you are blessed • Everything in your life will prosper and come to maturity • You have an obligation to get people back to God – This is what makes you blessed • You live in a blessed nation and you must represent the Lamb’s Agenda • You must do what God has given you to do • Make a stand and hold to the Word of God • It doesn’t take much for the enemy to try and separate you • You must be that person whose God is the Lord

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux 10/14/2012 “Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor” “The Lamb’s Agenda” “God In America Again Colossians 1:12 Luke 11:14-17 I Corinthians 1:10 I Corinthians 3:1-3 I Corinthians 6:19, 20 Romans 8:15 Romans 5:8-10 John 17:19 1 John 2:2 1 John 3:8 1 Peter 2:24 • You must be open for truth - Truth comes to set you free • You must be open for truth – If you’re not open for truth or you are protecting an old mind-set • Then God is not able to bring growth or development into your life • Do not contend with truth – Just receive the truth • Here is the basic Lamb’s Agenda • Now that you have come into the Kingdom of God – You have been translated into God’s Kingdom • You have moved from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light • Your allegiance, loyalty, and commitment should be to building the Kingdom of God and supporting the Lamb’s Agenda • You must recognize three spirits that are dominant in the church of Jesus Christ • The spirit of confusion (cousin to deception) which is related to the spirit of division • Division is prominent in the church of Jesus Christ – It should never be in the church • When the spirit of division and the spirit of deception are joined together – They produce the spirit of destruction • The spirit of destruction works in your health, finances, family and many other areas of your life when you let the spirit of division operate • To keep the church from being successful and from being the Kingdom that it should be • The spirit of division is causing many individuals to allow their political party, race, denominational background to be more important than the Lamb’s Agenda • The Lamb’s Agenda is to save the whole world • What the Lamb has done for you: • Bought you out of the slave market • He is your propitiation for sin • He is your sanctifier • You get sanctified through the Blood of Jesus – But there is a process of continued sanctification • Now that you are sanctified – You must commit to living a sanctified light • You must go through the process of renewing your mind • Jesus is now at the right hand side of the Throne of God • He is interceding on your behalf that you will continually be in a position to get truth so that truth will keep you in a state of sanctification • Don’t get caught up in division and all the other spirits trying to operate • Jesus proclaimed that He is the only way – The truth – The Life • If you understand that, then don’t let anything divide you from your values • This country has a moral back sliding spirit because the church is not standing up for the King and His Kingdom, The Lamb’s Agenda, and Biblical values • You have been reconciled to God by the death of His Son • You are justified by the Blood of Jesus Christ • God wants the works of the devil to be destroyed in your life • You are adopted into the family of God • You have an allegiance to His family

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux 10/07/2012 “Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor” “The Lamb’s Agenda” “God In America Again Colossians 1:12 II Corinthians 5:17 Luke 11:14-17 Matthew 12:22-29 • Pastor Goudeaux is standing for traditional family values • The church should vote for Christian values – It should not vote Party, Denomination, Race, Class, or any other division • The church should support the position that supports Christian values • The enemy works any way he can to bring division into the church • You have been delivered from the power (authority) of the Kingdom of Darkness • Now that you are born again – You are in the Kingdom of God • You must learn to live like the King’s kid • Learn the rules of the Kingdom so that you can receive the Kingdom’s benefits • The devil wants to keep you uninformed and uneducated • You must work on renewing your mind to get rid of all the old thinking from the Kingdom of Darkness • Whenever God starts doing anything, the devil tries to bring the spirit of division in to stop the anointing and the power of God from manifesting • The devil fights hard to get you into strife or division • He wants to bring desolation and disaster into your life • You must avoid the area of division like a plague • It has nothing good for you – It will destroy you • Even satan cannot fight the spirit of division if it is in his camp • The spirit of division will bring destruction to the devil and all of his agenda • It will bring destruction to your family, the church and anything that is being divided will come to desolation • As a Christian, you must support the Lamb’s agenda • Your vote must be for those who support the values you have as a citizen of God’s Kingdom • You must support traditional family values – Go with the values of the Lamb • You must fight the spirit of division to keep it from working in any capacity in your life • You can know that the Kingdom of God is greater than the Kingdom of Darkness because you have power over the Kingdom of Darkness • If you know anyone who has been healed, delivered, or had a breakthrough by God – It allows you to testify that the Kingdom of God is at hand right now • The enemy will try to bind the strong man of the house to enable him to destroy the whole household • Do not let the enemy bind the strong man • Do not let him hinder you from experiencing the breakthroughs and the Kingdom’s blessing because you are following the agenda of someone else • The only agenda you should follow is the Lamb’s agenda • If Gad has saved or delivered you - Don’t let anyone divide you in the church • No house, church, city, or nation can stand against the spirit of division • Don’t let anyone divide you according to Race, Party beliefs, or Denominational beliefs • You can only enter into the Kingdom of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ • There will be no division in the Kingdom of God • Only those who have been washed by the Blood of Jesus will be in the Kingdom • Stand for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords – His name is Jesus - He is the Lamb of God

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Pastor Phillip G. Goudeaux Jr. 08/26/2012 “Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor” “What’s Hindering Your Witness?” “Let Your Light Shine” II Timothy 3:16, 17 Acts 26: 6 Romans 5:8 Matthews 28:19-20 Matthews 5:14-16 • Thank God that He does not look at you the same way that mankind does • God does not look at us with the judgment that some Christians look at people • He paid the “price” while you were yet in sin • You need to look at people through the eyes of Love and God rather than through the eyes of Judgment and Criticism • People who believe that they are helpless do not need to be judged when they come to the light • The enemy wants you to believe that it takes a certain personality to be a witness for Christ • Jesus did not specify any type of individual to “go” – He just said to “go” • The commandment is for everyone • You don’t get to make the judgment call on who is eligible for the salvation plan • You are just responsible for arranging the meeting to tell others about Jesus • Just “go” and make disciples - God wants the lost more than they could ever know • God will set you up to meet people who need what you have • Be a witness to the things that you have seen • The anointing is the thing that destroys the yoke and removes the burdens • God just wants you to rise and stand on your feet - He will make you a Minister • God saved you to minister to the you in somebody else - All you need to do is testify • There is power that will show up because of your obedience • God created you to be you • If you have a light – Then let it shine • The light makes a difference • You may not know how to make a move – But you can shine • There are no light breaks – So don’t hid your light • What you have to say will change some lives • “Go” snatch the lost out of darkness

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
Resurrection Sunday 04/08/2012
“Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor”
“Living in the Kingdom’s Blessing”
“Through the Passover, the Blood, and the Cross

Acts 12:4 Exodus 12:1-13 I Corinthians 5:7 Leviticus 17:11

• For many people - Easter has lost its power from what it used to be – Because many people have lost their way

• This country has lost its way – God has been taken out of so many things

• Because of that - the Easter bunny has been introduced into Easter

• Instead of Easter being about resurrection – II is about an Easter bunny

• Easter is about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ

• Act 12:4 is the only time you will see “Easter” presented in the bible

• Easter is the translation (KJV) of the Greek word pascha – Which means Passover

• The original intent of the writing in Acts was to keep him in prison until after the Passover

• God can speak to you no matter where you are – If you have an ear to hear Him

• April is the first month in the Jewish calendar

• God spoke to the “Children of Israel” and gave them specific instructions

• Their obedience gave God the legal right to intervene on their behalf

• Some people do not get delivered because they look at the man more than the vessel that God is trying to use to help them

• When deliverance comes in your life – It makes you feel uncomfortable sometimes

• Deliverance does not always come the way you want it to come

• God does not always send a perfect deliverer – But if one has been sent to you - You must learn to receive what God sends

• If you need deliverance, breakthrough, or a miracle – Learn how to follow instructions

• The instruction given to the “Children of Israel” gave God the legal right to Passover instead of passing through when the death angel passed by

• Why should you be angry with God when you have not done what He has told you to do?

• If you are going to live in the kingdom and receive blessings how God wants you to have them

• You must understand the nature of “P” - “B” - “C”

• “P” Passover Lamb: make a commitment to live a life that allows God to be your Passover lamb

• Not only did God deliver the “Children of Israel” – God will deliver you too

• There is only one way – Jesus is that way – No one gets to the Father except through Jesus

• “B” Blood of Jesus – Jesus sacrificed His precious blood – His blood was sinless

• When you except Jesus Christ into your life – He applies the blood upon you where ever you go

• The blood is speaking, protecting, providing, and fighting on your behalf

• Sin is in the blood – But the blood of Jesus was for your atonement

• “C” Cross – Jesus had to go to the cross for you - It was designed to bring pain - Jesus had to carry the cross to bring redemption for you - It was the ultimate shame

• Not only did Jesus died upon the cross – He was buried and went to hell for you

• On the third day, God said “It Is Finished” – Jesus arose from the grave triumphantly with the keys to death, the grave, and hell

• Satan does not even have the keys to his own “House”

• Jesus defeated every curse that could ever come upon you

• You have the victory today through the Passover Lamb “Jesus”

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
“Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor”
“Living in the Kingdom’s Blessing”

Matthew 4:23, 24 Matthew 9:35 Mark 1:14, 15 Genesis 1:26, 27
Galatians 3:1, 7-14 Ephesians 1:1-3 Genesis 9:1

• Jesus went about preaching the gospel of the Kingdom

• What is the gospel of the Kingdom? – It is the good news

• It is the good news – But it is bigger than that

• Jesus also healed every sickness and disease among the people – Jesus brought/demonstrated the blessing

• The blessing is bigger than any curse – It will overtake every negative thing in your life

• When the blessing is on your life – Everyone will know

• It will continue to elevate you until no one will question or wonder if God is in your life

• The blessing is to get you OVER

• Three letters you need to keep in front of you all the time
1. F - Forgive
2. R - Repent
3. O - Obey

• If you want the blessing to stay over your life – You must be quick to forgive, repent and obey

• God created you in his own likeness, put you over things, and then He put a blessing on you

• The enemy will do all he can to get you out from under the blessing

• How did you let someone talk you out of the truth – You know what you were supposed to do

• Who has bewitched you? – And caused you to go contrary to the way you were supposed to go

• Bewitched: To be charmed with words - To be charmed with words by seducing spirits

• Seducing spirits target certain people

• They target: Hurting people
Lonely people
Ignorant people
Offended people
Spiritual Weak people
Rebellious people

• God wants the blessing to be upon your life to make a difference in everything that you do

• The same blessing that was upon Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham – Jesus brought it to you

• The blessings follow the Blesser

• So make the commitment to run after the Blesser more than the blessing

• Be quick to give God the glory and honor when He brings the blessing upon your life

• “God, we bless you” – “We thank you for being the Blesser” – We give you the glory and honor in Jesus name

• Faith puts a demand upon the blessing – That’s why “the just shall live by faith”

• The enemy wants to limit and contain you

• The blessing breaks the limitations and boundaries in your life

• Everything you need has already been given to you

• See it in the spiritual realm – Then use your faith to put a demand on your blessings

• The blessing is a protector

• Make sure you stay under the blessing by living right

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thirty Second Anniversary

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Thirty Second Anniversary
Dr. Earl D. Johnson
“Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor”
“The Test of Obedience”

Isaiah 1:19, 20 II Corinthians 10:1 - 6 I Kings 12:31 I Kings 13:1 - 14

• We are celebrating Pastor Goudeaux being obedient to God – As it relates to what God is doing in our lives

• Obedience is the key to everything that is going to happen in your life

• Many Christians are obedient – But not willing

• When you refuse God – That progresses into rebellion

• Obedient means: Hear what God is saying
Listen with the intent to obey
Hearken to God’s word
Listen with attention or interest

• A great way to celebrate this 32nd Anniversary is to – Succeed because you heard

• You must be a hearer and a doer

• There are people that hear but don’t do – And people that do but did not hear

• Willing means: To exercise towards the will

• Refuse means: To be weary - Fail to comply or give obedience towards

• How do you get weary? – Because you are not willing

• You cannot do things based on other people’s expectations and prosper

• You do not do something because you know what the consequences are

• You don’t do because of “if you don’t” - You must be willing

• You should walk by faith not because you will not get something

• It should be because you have excepted the principle – You should will to walk by faith

• You lose testimony when you refuse – You lose influence when you refuse – An you lose an opportunity for the harvest when you refuse

• Don’t be good just because if you don’t – You will go to hell

• That should not be your motivation

• Your motivation should be - You love the Lord - You lift your voice to worship and praise Him

• Because He is God and you “will” to praise Him – To give Him thanks

• You don’t have to be afraid of going to hell – If you are obedient and you do not refuse

• Rebel means : To be disobedient

• You need to come to the place with God where you say “I’m going to be obedient” and “willingly obedient”

• The base part of maturity is learning how to transition from a flesh walk and life to a Spirit life

• The greatest gift you can give yourself is to learn how to walk in the Spirit

• What is flesh? - Human ingenuity - Human value – Human invention

• You cannot please God from the flesh or the human initiative

• You have to please Him from the Realm of the Spirit

• If you receive situations from the flesh or human initiative – You will absorb the impact

• When you respond to things from the Realm of the Spirit – The Spirit absorbs it

• The Spirit will translate things to you - The weapons of your warfare are not carnal / fleshly

• They are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds

• Stronghold comes from the word acroma - A firm imposition against human confidence

• The enemy wants you to operate in the flesh because

• You have not confidence in the Spirit when you’re operating in the flesh

• You cannot bring order to your life when you are “out of order”

• The devil does not have access to you if you are not on his territory

• Have the order and power of obedience in your life

• If you are obedient – Then everything that follows you will be obedient

Thursday, March 8, 2012

First fruit Principles

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
“Living a Life Committed to Pleasing God”
“Firstfruit Principles”

Colossians 1:1-9 I Thessalonians 4:1 John 8:29 Proverbs 16:7 Proverbs 3:9, 10
I John 3:22 Galatians 3:13 Matthew 5:16 Ma6:1-4

• Making the choice to live a life pleasing to God requires self denial

• A commitment to obeying God

• Those whom you please - Has the power to determine what happens in your life

• Why should God give anything if you have done nothing for Him

• Some people want God to bless them without having responsibilities

• You have a responsibility to live saved – to live right – to forgive - to walk in love

• God is interested in you abounding more and more

• It comes after pleasing Him –Things just go better when you please God

• When you make a commitment to living a life of pleasing God

• Everything in your life will change

• Anytime God ask you for something - His has a reward on His mind

• God never ask for anything without having a bigger plan or a reward for you

• A Father always desires to bless his children

• Because of sin, the Father lost the right to intervene in your life

• The Father is trying to find ways to reach His children - Because this world is cursed

• God never planned on being separated from His children

• Jesus is a Firstfruit – When you commit to Jesus you receive the blessing of the Father

• God wants the blessing on your life

• When you have the blessing on your life – Everybody will know you have the blessing

• The blessing comes through principles

• When you do something that earns the blessing

• Then God returns and gives you the blessing because of your obedience

• Your act of obedience releases the power of God on your behalf

• When the blessing is on you - No curse can prevail against you

• The Firstfruit is a principle

• Principles are permanent

• Principles never changes

• Principles can work anywhere

• Apple the Word and the Word will work for you

• Principles can never be broken

• When principles are violated – They produce destruction

• Everything that you say and do should be for the purpose of Glorifying God

• Giving honors God – Some blessings that come from Firstfruit giving

1. Supernatural provision or a flow of abundance
2. God will drive out the opposition against you

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
“Living a life Pleasing to God”
“Living a Life Committed to Pleasing God”

John 8:29 Proverbs 16:7 Romans 8:8 Romans 8:12 Romans 6:13

• Everything in your life is about to change – If your ways please the Lord – You are blessed

• The enemy has gotten in your way – Those old attitudes and those moody ways

• No one knows who is going to show up: Doctor Jackal or Mr. Hyde

• You got the power –No, “I don’t have to talk about that person” – Yes, “I can live in Victory“

• The enemy wants you to live a flesh controlled life

• God can not blessed you if you live a life controlled by the flesh

• The cycle of the flesh is ever present - It is always trying to get you to stop pleasing God

• When you live the word - God will bless His word – He is obligated to His word

• You have a choice - You can live after the Spirit and reap life or live after the flesh and die

• If you put all of your issues to death, you will live – You have to kill the flesh – Mortify the flesh

• You have the power because of the Blood - It is through the Spirit –Yield to the Spirit

• You have to surrender in order to give up – Do not give in to the sin nature

• The sin nature is always trying to pull you back

• It is a job to yield to God – It is not in your nature to do

• Whom ever you yield yourself to - You become their servant

• There is no in-between - No gray areas – If you want a blessed life - You must please God

• It’s a judgment call - Don’t look to the right or to the left – Give up your right to be right

• “You take me, I give myself to you” – God has no access to this realm except through you

• He is God of the universe not the earth - He operates in the earth through your obedience

• The master key to any true servant is a life of daily obedience – Come to the end of self

• You must train yourself to be obedient – It’s not how much you know – It’s about obedience

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
February 05, 2012
“Living a Life Pleasing to God”
“The Love Side of the Love”

John 8:29 Proverbs 16:7 Genesis 14:20 Malachi 3:6

• Always do the things that please God – Jesus did the things that please his Father

• Some think they please God –They still have issues

• God will use your enemies to get you somewhere – There are all kinds of enemies

• You have to be obedience to please God – You have to forgive and walk in love

• You must come to the place that you regret the wrong choices you make

• You have to take bold action and fight aggressively – Learn to stand up under pressure

• Experience living in the kingdom - By living a life pleasing to God

• An article in the Sacramento Bee talked about Mitt Romney – However, he is a Tither

• Nearly 80% of Mormons pay tithes - Only 3% of faith groups pay tithes

• The Mormons pay tithes because it is an essential part of their service to God

• No Tither is against the Church – It is a part of your service to God

• The Church is blessed because you are a Tither

1. Tithing was before the law = Genesis 14:20

2. Jacob vowed to pay tithes = Genesis 29:20

3. Will a man rob God = Malachi 3:6

4. Bless your land = Malachi 3:12

5. Tithe and mint you aut to do =Matthew 23:23

6. Fast and tithe = Luke 18: 12

7. Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek =Hebrews 7:1-4

• You are a debtor - You owe God everything

• Flesh cannot please God – You must live a life pleasing to God

• If you want to please God - You have to sacrifice – Keep the faith

• Spiritual discipline is a must - It is a faith walk to be discipline - You must have faith

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When Your Ways Please The Lord

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
January 15, 2012
“When Your Ways Please the Lord”

John 8:20 Proverbs 16:7 1 John 3:22

• This is the year I will not be denied – Ears to hear and heart to receive

• Jesus said, “I always do the thing that please Him” (God)

• If you want to tap into the blessings, favor , and breakthrough -- Then tap into pleasing God

• You need to take time for people who want to please God – But give no time to those who only want to please themselves

• When are you really going to commit your life to pleasing God?

• You need your enemies to be at peace with you – There are some real enemies out there

• Sickness is an enemy - Depression is a real enemy - Want, lack and pain is your enemy

• When your ways please the Lord - He will make even your enemies to be at peace with you

• This is going to be the biggest and best year of your life because - You stop living for you and started living for God

• You should say; “God I want to please you more than anything” “This is the year I live for you”

• I degree and declare, this is a breakthrough anointing and glorious outpouring of rain in the lives of those who are pleasing God

• God wants to fellowship with you and change everything in your life for the better

• You must make up your mind that you will please God no matter what

• You will stop living for yourself and live for God – Everything belongs to God

• You are not your own - He is supreme – God is the owner – He owns it all

• Stop walking the fence – Stop walking in the grey area – It’s time to please God

• It’s time to let your life shine – When your ways please God - Your enemies will be peaceable

• You should say: “God, I’m through living for me” - “I am going to start living for you “

• Then God will say: “Ok , I’m going to deal with some of your enemies”

• Make the commitment to please God – Not me, but you that lives in me
• God will bless you for your obedience – Giving to God all that is His – Tithes and offering
• He will take care of you - When you get rid of the welfare mentally
• God says: “If your ways please me, then I will give you whatever you ask me for”

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
January 10, 2012
“Order in your life and in your Home”

1 Corinthians 14:40 John 6:1

• Watch your feelings while you go through the process of getting in order

• You must not get offended just because you get corrected

• Something is going to happen in your life that has never happen before

• Examine yourself - Make sure you are in order

• Anybody can get married - But can they stay married?

• Anybody can start a Church - But are they qualified - You have to be qualified to keep it going

• Order means = A condition, regular arrangement, mandate, demand, setting in sequence

• When things are out of order, there is no miracle - That is why we need order

• When things are out of sequence - You can not believe God for a miracle

• You have to be in God’s order to receive: His increase and His favor - Order runs with favor

• Favor will increase supernaturally this year as you work on order in your life

• God established marriage before Church – That’s why the enemy fights to destroy families

• Order is God’s plan - If anything big is going to happen in your life, it will be wrapped in order

• Marriage is between a man and a woman - “Whosoever finds a wife finds a good thing”

• The husband has the authority - so the wife must keep her perspective

• It not always easy with the various women groups telling her she does not have to submit

• God ordained marriage, not the women groups - God set marriages in order and the family too

• Activists are saying - Where do you stand on gay rights?

• There are all kinds of individuals in the church

• Homosexual individuals, prostitutes, drug users, alcoholics
• Some are still using or involved but they are in the deliverance stages
• Everyone has come short - The question is - Do you want to come up higher?
• Order is a man and a woman in a marriage - The enemy will attack that order
• If pastor was a candidate for president – He would tell the people it is all about order
• The reason America is a leading country - It was founded on order
• Remember, Rome was attacked from the inside
• A minute of favor can change your life - Order precede favor and it precedes the anointing
• A woman must assist her husband - It is the order of the marriage that brings the increase
• Men think on the right side of the brain - Women think on the left side of the brain
• When a man listens to his wife - He has a full brain
• Jehovah Jireh wants to show up for His people - But order has to be set first
• Order demands all the promises to come upon you - Examine yourself - Are you in order?
• You can be out of order in your talk , your actions, your family, with friends -No order no favor
• Jesus had order - He had the disciple to set all the men down -Then the miracle came
• The woman will follow the man - It is men who have the problem with authority
• What released the miracle was the order - Living in order prevents error in your life
• Order eliminates stress, worry and care in your life - God will never promote disorder
• Joseph would not compromise the order - Sex before marriage was disorder
• When you get out of order, you get heartbreak - Joseph got increase and favor
• The husband supports the wife - The wife supports the children - Stay focus - Stay committed
• If you lose your authority and your order - Saying “I’m sorry” will not get it back
• You have to get back in order - Don’t let anything distract you - Stay in order

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Living in God's Order and Increasing in His Favor" The Year of 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
December 31, 2011
“Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor”

Titus 1:5 2Chronicles 9:1 Matthew 6:33 Luke 6:35-36

• “Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor” The year of the divine hookup

• This is what God gave to Pastor for the new year; Hear what thus saith the Spirit of the Lord

• God has some things for us – To get them we must be in order – A set order – God’s set order

• God’s favor is not on us if we are out of order – Are you wearing an out of order sign?

• Because of the lack of order nothing is happening is our lives – 2012 is the year of order

• This is our quest in 2012 to set everything in our life in order – This is going to be our biggest year

• There is something significant going to happen in 2012 for the Church – Because of God’s set order

• We want God to increase us when we are out of order – No order –No Favor – No Increase

• Order must precede increase – It is a principle – It is the set order – Order then increase

• We have all kind of conferences some on increase, financial, men and women conferences

• What we need is a conference on order

• Before the breakthrough, before the healing, before the anointing there must be Order

• People jump in and out of Order- God is not obligated to participate in things that are out of Order

• God has obligating himself to Order - Order is a condition where there is a logical arrangement

• Order is an instruction for people to follow – A command – A demand – Order creates wisdom

• “Wisdom is the principle thing” Order will cause wisdom to increase - We all need wisdom

• When someone tells you that a person is wise they are telling you that the person has Order in their life

• Order precede Breakthrough, finance, anointing, healing, blessing - Wisdom is Order

• God hooked Solomon up with the Queen of Sheba – God wants to hook you up in 2012

• 2012 is the year of divine hook up – Start to examine yourself – Are you in Order

• Favor was running after Solomon- Gold and silver was running after Solomon

• Favor, gold, and silver will run after you- Get in Order – Examine every area of your life

• When you line up on the inside you will line up on the outside –Get aligned – Line up with order

• Some of us will have to pick up their clothes – Some will have to learn to shut up – Some will have to stop being lazy

• 2012 calls for alignment, it is the year of government – The world is looking for order

• The Church is out of order -Let order start in God’s house – Stop, saying we have it all together stop lying to ourselves

• We have issues let’s admit it – God wants to heal the tragedies and the hurts we have

• Cell phones are a challenge to God’s work people take them out to take notes when the service is going on someone calls and they run out to answer the call they are out of order

• God is wanting to heal and bless them and do something in their life and they are too busy answering the phone – They are out of order

• People think they are getting away with something talking on the cell phone in service, instead of taking notes they think Pastor does not know. God and Pastor know what they are up to

• God can change things in ½ of a minute – God can accelerate favor and blessing on them

• Acceleration will not happen if you are out of order – Live a life of order and a life of obedience

• Order in marriage is; the wife summits to the husband even if he’s smarter than her

• It is the principle we make up our mind “God, I want something new in 2012
I want order in my life

• Receive the word of God – Receive the man of God – Receive order in your life in 2012

• You will have supernatural increase when you have order in your life

• Receive order and receive blessings, favor, anointing - This is the year 2012- It is your year