Thursday, October 20, 2011

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
“Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All”
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
October 16, 2011
“The Vision of the House”
“Points of the Vision”

Proverbs 29:18 Habakkuk 2:1 Acts 20:20 Acts 2:41-47

• Every “Man of God” should have a God given vision for the House (Church)

• Vision is the goal or direction given for the “Man of God” to be able to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for building His kingdom

• God gives the vision – It is up to you to get connected to the vision

• You being connected to the vision is going to bring the provisions to meet the needs of your life and the lives of your family members

• Just going to church does not connect you to the vision - That only makes you a church attendee

• The vision will motivate and provoke you - A life without vision is a life that is out of control

• A person running with vision is better off than the person with no vision

• Vision will always be bigger than you - Vision will always bring glory to God

• Because vision stretches you and brings out talents lying dormant in you

• The 8th point of the vision of this house is: A Non-threatening Name - Calvary Christian Center

• The 9th point of the vision of this house is: Radio and Television

• G-12, Pathways, and Life Groups are connected to the 10th point of the vision of this house: A Care Group Ministry

• Life Groups are a part of the vision because: It makes a big church a small church - It brings accountability to you - It gives opportunity to develop leadership skills

• Every Christian’s destiny is leadership – Every one of you is a leader

• You may be leading on a smaller level than someone else

• But you have the potential to develop the greater leadership that is within you to be a person of influence for the kingdom of God

• Many people are interested in getting a position to show their authority

• God is not interested in you just getting a position of authority

• God wants you to get into a place of influence so you can start helping people to help themselves

• Once you come into this ministry, there is a Pathway for you to travel on

• The Pathways will develop you into leadership, a person of influence, and a person who makes a difference in the lives of other people

• Jesus had the same thing for His twelve - Everyone that came into connection with Him

• He had a place where they can grow - A place where they can develop their character

• You also need to develop your character to become a better person and make a difference in the life of someone else

• By having a life group and sharing your experiences, the Word, and mentoring – You will help change lives and potentially an entire generation

• Start running with the vision – Because vision is going to: Empower you – Stretch you – And cause you to move beyond your mundane lifestyle

• Every vision must have a goal – It will never become a reality for you to be a leader unless you go through the process

• In every church there should be a vision – Vision gives goals – And goals gives process

• Some people are fighting process – It takes process for you to get prepared to move into leadership and start helping people

• God wants you to get connected to vision – Get the goals of the ministry in your heart

• Set out to achieve those goals by being willing to go through the process – Process is there to turn every believer into a leader

• It is called the Pathways: The Path to Belonging – The Path to Involvement – The Path to Understanding Your Purpose

• The Pathways are there to help develop you into the leaders that God wants you to be

• Get involved today –Get connected with the vision of this ministry and with the “Man of God” of this house (Church)

• God gave His son’s life for you so that you can give your life to help somebody else – That is when life begins

• God has you here by divine purpose – He has given direction for you to be used by Him in a greater way

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
“Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All”
Dr. Earl Johnson
October 09, 2011
“In Covenant with God”
“Being a Covenant Member”

Hebrews 49:1-12 Genesis 12:1-3 Jeremiah 33:20

• The number one reason that things don’t happen in your life - You are not mixing the things you hear with faith

• The challenge you have as a Believer is to believe – It is the job description of a Believer

• Where your responsibility lies - Is where the challenge is

• Peace is rest – When you have peace, you have rest

• Rest is freedom from outside disturbances

• Sleeping does not bring rest until you have solved all of the things that would challenge your peace

• God does not get tired – So if He rested on the seventh day - He was making a point

• God is saying “I’m doing something you need to do and I will set the example by doing it”

• Because of unbelief - You will not enter into rest

• You enter into rest when you cease from your own labor

• What is the rest that God has given to the Believer today?

• It is the walk of faith

• There is nothing that God has left for Human Beings that can be obtained without covenant

• The bible you read is called the Old Covenant and the New Covenant Testament

• The Old Covenant as a restrictive way to conduct life has been done away with

• But the provision, the information, and the history of the New Covenant is contained in the Old Covenant

• We don’t throw it away because it is our reference - It is what we use going forward

• In appreciation to the Man and Woman of God – We have to appreciate that they have a handle on the thing that is to cause us to

1. Believe
2. Enter into rest
3. Obtain the promises of God through covenant

• We are celebrating people that know the covenant

• There must always be a separation before entrance

• The assignment comes before the promises

• God wants to make you a blessing to someone – Before blessings come to you

• God enters into covenant as a way of establishing a semblance of order in the earth

• The covenant from God is heaven on earth

• God wants life for you on the earth to be like it is with Him in heaven

• Everything that God decrees to be important is sealed with a covenant

• You progress by understanding the covenant you have with God

• Covenant has provision

• It’s not all about what God is going to do

• It’s what you need to do