Thursday, October 28, 2010

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Ron & Linda Sharpe
October 24, 2010

“Covenant of Multiplication”

Psalm 115:12-14 II Kings 4:8-17 Genesis 26:1-12 Genesis 2

• God has increase on His mind concerning you – If He has increase on His mind- You should

• What do you have in your house? - That is the question that’s going to change your life

• God can take something that you think is insufficient – And change your whole life around

• God is ready to do some pouring into your house - He is going to give you a miracle

• You limit the Holy One of Israel - Because of you being short-sighted - Your thinking
small -– Your doubt and unbelief

• God is not just interested in you being blessed – He wants to make sure He takes care of your children also

• You have to find out what you have then start utilizing it to bring glory to God

• What talents - What anointing - What gifting do you have

• You must get out and find something to sell – Your selling will bring forth the covenant of increase into your life

• God does not want any of you working for someone else – He wants you to be the owner

• Everyone of you should have four revenue streams (rivers) flowing into you which brings income into your life – Most people only have one stream

• If the devil comes and snatch it from under you – Your whole life is turned upside down

• It is not going to happen off a magic wand – It’s called work – You have to work at it

• What God is going to do because He has increase on His mind concerning you

• God is going to bless what you put your hands on – Then get you out on the market place and start selling

• If you can catch this – You do not have to be bound by the circumstances that is going on

• There is no other name under the heaven that is greater than the name of Jesus

• That name is greater than every situation and circumstance

• Every other name has to bow down to the name - Recession, poverty, lack, want, and need

• But you have to be in faith – You have to adhere to the covenant of increase or the promises of God – To move in His power to receive what God has for you

• Your way to get out of your situation – Is to start putting your hands to the plow

• The enemy wants to keep your creativity - Your ability to get out and believe that God has increase on His mind concerning you – That God will then start blessing your little oil

• One day you will come to the place that money is not even an issue – All your needs are met
You are out of debt and you have plenty to put in store

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Ron & Linda Sharpe
October 17, 2010

“Covenant of Multiplication”

Psalm 115:9-14 Deuteronomy 1:11 II Kings 4:8-17 Genesis 26:1-12 Genesis 1:29

• There will be a greater anointing of increase over your life

• You must position yourself for increase on your life

• God wants to give you generational blessings and increase

• In the mist of the greatest recession of this country and the global recession that exist

• God is going to bless and increase you at a that no one is suppose to get increase

• This is the time that God wants to shine

• There will be a thousands times more blessings over your life

• Change brings on transition – Transition brings about transformation

• Do not fight the “time of transition”

• What do you have in your house? – That is the transitional question

• God has increase on His mind concerning you – There is a solution that will release the anointing on your life

• The miracle is in your house – You have to do something with what you have

• The anointing of multiplication will be upon your hands – When you start to do something with what you already have

• Can you receive anointing for multiplication and still do what you are supposed to do?

• Every believer should have four strings of rivers (income) coming into them

• A Christian should never retire – You should always have your hands in your four rivers

• The spirit of multiplication is inside of you

• Recession is upon this earth – But it should be under your feet

• Sometimes transition is forced upon us – So that we can start doing something

• Your blessing is in the seed – To grow the tree that brings forth the fruit

• You must do something with what you already have

• Don’t sit around waiting for something to happen

• There is more inside of you – Start doing more

• Have the spirit of persistence upon you - Let it dominate your life

• Never give in, never surrender or turn coward to any situation

• Push through until you get to the top

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Ron & Linda Sharpe
October 10, 2010

“Principles of Honor”

I Samuel 2:30 I Samuel 9:6-8 II Kings 4:8-17 Matthew 26:6-13 Romans 13:7

• Elders should be counted worthy of double honor

• Our attitude determines how we honor – Our future is determined by who we honor

• Our blessings, healing, and deliverance is connected to our Man of God

• Our success or failure is determined by who we honor or dishonor

• The enemy will try to separate us through jealously, envy, or contempt

• Our Man of God, has committed his life for us

• We must fight the spirit of familiarity

• Let’s not be so familiar with the Man of God that we rob ourselves of the blessings that God wants to give us through our Man of God

• It is easy to respect Pastor Goudeaux – He is a great man - He is consistent - A man of integrity and honor

• Respect does not cost you anything

• When we honor someone – It puts things on another level

• Honor is an action – Respect is an attitude

• When you move to the level of honor – You put your actions where your words are

• We often honor presidents, legislators, senators, and judges – But we are sometimes challenged with honoring our Man of God

• What is of real value – Is it material things or spiritual things?

• If we can recognize the material world – Why do we struggle recognizing the spiritual gifts

• It’s about recognizing a gift from God – It’s about a spirit filled man and spiritual things

• God said that if we honor Him – He will honor us – We honor God by honoring His gift

• Honor means: Esteem that is due – To show respect

• There will be opportunity to honor – But it will never come without being challenged

• Satan does not want us to recognized and bless our Man of God

• As we honor our Man of God – God honors us and then He blesses us

• Your special gift will not go without honor – We all have something in which we can honor our Man of God with

• As members of the Body of Christ at Calvary Christian Center – We need to be more sensitive to the gift, Pastor Goudeaux, that God has given us

• It is all about your perception – How do you perceive Pastor?

• Do you perceive him as a Man of God – As a gift from God - Placed here to minister to us?

• God will bless you according to your perception of your Man of God

• Attributes of our Pastor

• P – passionate

• A – accessible

• S – servant

• T – trustworthy

• O – outstanding

• R – responsible

• That is our pastor – He is worthy of honor

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
October 03, 2010
“Moving in His Power and Receiving His Promises”
“Quality of Life”

II Peter 1:3, 4 Joshua 24:14, 15 John 4:43-53 Acts 16:14, 25-30

• How many people are you passing by everyday that are in distress?

• They need help and you’re not witnessing, not talking to them – Yet they are in distress

• You are the one that God has sent to them – But you are too busy and will not do what you are suppose to do

• Is this your testimony? “How God anointed you with the Holy Ghost and with power, who went about doing nothing and God was not with you”

• God wants you to move in the power everyday - To make a difference in the life of people

• One of the covenant promises is Long Life – Not just long life, but a Quality Life

• You have to fight for quality life by changing your diet and start exercising

• Another covenant promise is: Household Salvation

• Every band of bondage will be broken over your family – They shall be released from the sins that have kept them imprison

• Believe that not only you will be saved - But your whole household and everybody that is associated with you

• Through your believing – God will send ministering angels across the path of your family members

• The angels are waiting on the order to start moving on your behalf

• If you would just start believing for Household Salvation

• God will open the hearts of your family members to Him – God wants them to be saved

• You want God to bless you – Yet you will not operate with consistency by being faithful to the gift that He has given you

• Can you believe the words that God has said? “You and your household will be saved”