Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
“Living a life Pleasing to God”
“Living a Life Committed to Pleasing God”

John 8:29 Proverbs 16:7 Romans 8:8 Romans 8:12 Romans 6:13

• Everything in your life is about to change – If your ways please the Lord – You are blessed

• The enemy has gotten in your way – Those old attitudes and those moody ways

• No one knows who is going to show up: Doctor Jackal or Mr. Hyde

• You got the power –No, “I don’t have to talk about that person” – Yes, “I can live in Victory“

• The enemy wants you to live a flesh controlled life

• God can not blessed you if you live a life controlled by the flesh

• The cycle of the flesh is ever present - It is always trying to get you to stop pleasing God

• When you live the word - God will bless His word – He is obligated to His word

• You have a choice - You can live after the Spirit and reap life or live after the flesh and die

• If you put all of your issues to death, you will live – You have to kill the flesh – Mortify the flesh

• You have the power because of the Blood - It is through the Spirit –Yield to the Spirit

• You have to surrender in order to give up – Do not give in to the sin nature

• The sin nature is always trying to pull you back

• It is a job to yield to God – It is not in your nature to do

• Whom ever you yield yourself to - You become their servant

• There is no in-between - No gray areas – If you want a blessed life - You must please God

• It’s a judgment call - Don’t look to the right or to the left – Give up your right to be right

• “You take me, I give myself to you” – God has no access to this realm except through you

• He is God of the universe not the earth - He operates in the earth through your obedience

• The master key to any true servant is a life of daily obedience – Come to the end of self

• You must train yourself to be obedient – It’s not how much you know – It’s about obedience

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
February 05, 2012
“Living a Life Pleasing to God”
“The Love Side of the Love”

John 8:29 Proverbs 16:7 Genesis 14:20 Malachi 3:6

• Always do the things that please God – Jesus did the things that please his Father

• Some think they please God –They still have issues

• God will use your enemies to get you somewhere – There are all kinds of enemies

• You have to be obedience to please God – You have to forgive and walk in love

• You must come to the place that you regret the wrong choices you make

• You have to take bold action and fight aggressively – Learn to stand up under pressure

• Experience living in the kingdom - By living a life pleasing to God

• An article in the Sacramento Bee talked about Mitt Romney – However, he is a Tither

• Nearly 80% of Mormons pay tithes - Only 3% of faith groups pay tithes

• The Mormons pay tithes because it is an essential part of their service to God

• No Tither is against the Church – It is a part of your service to God

• The Church is blessed because you are a Tither

1. Tithing was before the law = Genesis 14:20

2. Jacob vowed to pay tithes = Genesis 29:20

3. Will a man rob God = Malachi 3:6

4. Bless your land = Malachi 3:12

5. Tithe and mint you aut to do =Matthew 23:23

6. Fast and tithe = Luke 18: 12

7. Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek =Hebrews 7:1-4

• You are a debtor - You owe God everything

• Flesh cannot please God – You must live a life pleasing to God

• If you want to please God - You have to sacrifice – Keep the faith

• Spiritual discipline is a must - It is a faith walk to be discipline - You must have faith