Thursday, July 7, 2011

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
July 03, 2011
“Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All”
“Positive Attitude in Down Times”
“Adjust Your Attitude and Change Your Life”

I Samuel 30:1 Proverbs 4:23 Hebrews11:16 Joshua 1:1, 2

• You must give honor to what God has put in place

• You can’t give dishonor and disrespect in what God has done then expect honor for you

• The way to recover all is to keep - The right attitude in the midst of your tough times

• Don’t focus on your pain – Focus on the one who can heal your pain

• When the hard times come your way – What do you do – How do you handle it?

• Do you allow it to keep you in bewilderment and pain for the rest of your life?

• You must learn to encourage yourself

• Self encouragement provides and opportunity for you to make adjustments in your attitude to where God can help you

• Do what you have to do to encourage yourself – Get some pom-poms, get some flags, and put on your favorite music

• When you encourage yourself – God will send some angels or something to help you in the midst of your situation that will change your situation around

• Your heart determines what will happen in your life

• That’s why the enemy is always trying to corrupt your heart

• You should never complain about life because – Life only gives you back what flows out from you

• How high you go or how low you stay is based upon your attitude

• If you don’t like where you are now – Change your attitude

• It is not what’s going on out there that is affecting you – It’s what going on inside of you

• God can still prosper you in a down economy

• Your attitude will change when you want it to change

• God is trying to keep you in position – The devil is trying to pull you out of position by sowing bad seed into your life

• A wrong attitude will cause you to be in a losing position all your life

• Adjust your attitude – Change your life

• Whatever attitude you accept - Is what you become

• The devil will work every angle to get you into a bad attitude

• God cut Moses off from going to the promise land because - Moses let the people cause him to get a bad attitude in a situation

• You must watch your attitude in every area of your life

• Let go of all the negative things in your life - Let them die

• Change your attitude – Change your life