Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When Your Ways Please The Lord

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
January 15, 2012
“When Your Ways Please the Lord”

John 8:20 Proverbs 16:7 1 John 3:22

• This is the year I will not be denied – Ears to hear and heart to receive

• Jesus said, “I always do the thing that please Him” (God)

• If you want to tap into the blessings, favor , and breakthrough -- Then tap into pleasing God

• You need to take time for people who want to please God – But give no time to those who only want to please themselves

• When are you really going to commit your life to pleasing God?

• You need your enemies to be at peace with you – There are some real enemies out there

• Sickness is an enemy - Depression is a real enemy - Want, lack and pain is your enemy

• When your ways please the Lord - He will make even your enemies to be at peace with you

• This is going to be the biggest and best year of your life because - You stop living for you and started living for God

• You should say; “God I want to please you more than anything” “This is the year I live for you”

• I degree and declare, this is a breakthrough anointing and glorious outpouring of rain in the lives of those who are pleasing God

• God wants to fellowship with you and change everything in your life for the better

• You must make up your mind that you will please God no matter what

• You will stop living for yourself and live for God – Everything belongs to God

• You are not your own - He is supreme – God is the owner – He owns it all

• Stop walking the fence – Stop walking in the grey area – It’s time to please God

• It’s time to let your life shine – When your ways please God - Your enemies will be peaceable

• You should say: “God, I’m through living for me” - “I am going to start living for you “

• Then God will say: “Ok , I’m going to deal with some of your enemies”

• Make the commitment to please God – Not me, but you that lives in me
• God will bless you for your obedience – Giving to God all that is His – Tithes and offering
• He will take care of you - When you get rid of the welfare mentally
• God says: “If your ways please me, then I will give you whatever you ask me for”

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
January 10, 2012
“Order in your life and in your Home”

1 Corinthians 14:40 John 6:1

• Watch your feelings while you go through the process of getting in order

• You must not get offended just because you get corrected

• Something is going to happen in your life that has never happen before

• Examine yourself - Make sure you are in order

• Anybody can get married - But can they stay married?

• Anybody can start a Church - But are they qualified - You have to be qualified to keep it going

• Order means = A condition, regular arrangement, mandate, demand, setting in sequence

• When things are out of order, there is no miracle - That is why we need order

• When things are out of sequence - You can not believe God for a miracle

• You have to be in God’s order to receive: His increase and His favor - Order runs with favor

• Favor will increase supernaturally this year as you work on order in your life

• God established marriage before Church – That’s why the enemy fights to destroy families

• Order is God’s plan - If anything big is going to happen in your life, it will be wrapped in order

• Marriage is between a man and a woman - “Whosoever finds a wife finds a good thing”

• The husband has the authority - so the wife must keep her perspective

• It not always easy with the various women groups telling her she does not have to submit

• God ordained marriage, not the women groups - God set marriages in order and the family too

• Activists are saying - Where do you stand on gay rights?

• There are all kinds of individuals in the church

• Homosexual individuals, prostitutes, drug users, alcoholics
• Some are still using or involved but they are in the deliverance stages
• Everyone has come short - The question is - Do you want to come up higher?
• Order is a man and a woman in a marriage - The enemy will attack that order
• If pastor was a candidate for president – He would tell the people it is all about order
• The reason America is a leading country - It was founded on order
• Remember, Rome was attacked from the inside
• A minute of favor can change your life - Order precede favor and it precedes the anointing
• A woman must assist her husband - It is the order of the marriage that brings the increase
• Men think on the right side of the brain - Women think on the left side of the brain
• When a man listens to his wife - He has a full brain
• Jehovah Jireh wants to show up for His people - But order has to be set first
• Order demands all the promises to come upon you - Examine yourself - Are you in order?
• You can be out of order in your talk , your actions, your family, with friends -No order no favor
• Jesus had order - He had the disciple to set all the men down -Then the miracle came
• The woman will follow the man - It is men who have the problem with authority
• What released the miracle was the order - Living in order prevents error in your life
• Order eliminates stress, worry and care in your life - God will never promote disorder
• Joseph would not compromise the order - Sex before marriage was disorder
• When you get out of order, you get heartbreak - Joseph got increase and favor
• The husband supports the wife - The wife supports the children - Stay focus - Stay committed
• If you lose your authority and your order - Saying “I’m sorry” will not get it back
• You have to get back in order - Don’t let anything distract you - Stay in order

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Living in God's Order and Increasing in His Favor" The Year of 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
December 31, 2011
“Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor”

Titus 1:5 2Chronicles 9:1 Matthew 6:33 Luke 6:35-36

• “Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor” The year of the divine hookup

• This is what God gave to Pastor for the new year; Hear what thus saith the Spirit of the Lord

• God has some things for us – To get them we must be in order – A set order – God’s set order

• God’s favor is not on us if we are out of order – Are you wearing an out of order sign?

• Because of the lack of order nothing is happening is our lives – 2012 is the year of order

• This is our quest in 2012 to set everything in our life in order – This is going to be our biggest year

• There is something significant going to happen in 2012 for the Church – Because of God’s set order

• We want God to increase us when we are out of order – No order –No Favor – No Increase

• Order must precede increase – It is a principle – It is the set order – Order then increase

• We have all kind of conferences some on increase, financial, men and women conferences

• What we need is a conference on order

• Before the breakthrough, before the healing, before the anointing there must be Order

• People jump in and out of Order- God is not obligated to participate in things that are out of Order

• God has obligating himself to Order - Order is a condition where there is a logical arrangement

• Order is an instruction for people to follow – A command – A demand – Order creates wisdom

• “Wisdom is the principle thing” Order will cause wisdom to increase - We all need wisdom

• When someone tells you that a person is wise they are telling you that the person has Order in their life

• Order precede Breakthrough, finance, anointing, healing, blessing - Wisdom is Order

• God hooked Solomon up with the Queen of Sheba – God wants to hook you up in 2012

• 2012 is the year of divine hook up – Start to examine yourself – Are you in Order

• Favor was running after Solomon- Gold and silver was running after Solomon

• Favor, gold, and silver will run after you- Get in Order – Examine every area of your life

• When you line up on the inside you will line up on the outside –Get aligned – Line up with order

• Some of us will have to pick up their clothes – Some will have to learn to shut up – Some will have to stop being lazy

• 2012 calls for alignment, it is the year of government – The world is looking for order

• The Church is out of order -Let order start in God’s house – Stop, saying we have it all together stop lying to ourselves

• We have issues let’s admit it – God wants to heal the tragedies and the hurts we have

• Cell phones are a challenge to God’s work people take them out to take notes when the service is going on someone calls and they run out to answer the call they are out of order

• God is wanting to heal and bless them and do something in their life and they are too busy answering the phone – They are out of order

• People think they are getting away with something talking on the cell phone in service, instead of taking notes they think Pastor does not know. God and Pastor know what they are up to

• God can change things in ½ of a minute – God can accelerate favor and blessing on them

• Acceleration will not happen if you are out of order – Live a life of order and a life of obedience

• Order in marriage is; the wife summits to the husband even if he’s smarter than her

• It is the principle we make up our mind “God, I want something new in 2012
I want order in my life

• Receive the word of God – Receive the man of God – Receive order in your life in 2012

• You will have supernatural increase when you have order in your life

• Receive order and receive blessings, favor, anointing - This is the year 2012- It is your year