Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
April 10, 2011
“Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All”
“Fighting Off Discouragement”

I Samuel 30:1-9 Psalms 42:6, 11

• One of the problems in the church today is - The church has a passive spirit

• God did not save you to just go to church – The church is a filling station

• God gave you the authority in the Name of Jesus - The power in the Blood

• He gave you Dominion – Might – The ability to function in this earth realm

• God gave you armor to function in this hostile world

• There are enemies in the spiritual realm that are fighting against your prosperity: spiritually – physically – mentally – financially – socially

• The enemy is warring against your forward progress

• David was a man after God’s own heart – He was known for war and fighting

• God wants you to be a warrior

• Whether you know it or not – You are under an attack from the enemy

• When you are going through an area that you are being challenged in your walk – You need to ask some questions:

• “Why am I feeling like this?” “Why am I feeling down and out?” “Why do I feel discouraged?” “Why do I feel like giving up?”

• Discouragement is the number one enemy to a believer

• If the devil can make you want to give up – Loose your heart – Loose your courage – You can not do anything

• Discouraged: Being drained of courage – Wanting to give up – Dismayed – Fearful – Depressed – Oppressed – Dishearten – To loose your confidence

• You can not use your faith - When you’re discouraged

• You must keep your eyes fixed toward the hills from which cometh your help

• Because your help cometh from the Lord

• God has given you everything you need to be successful in this earth realm

• You have to exercise your authority

• You can not allow this kingdom to rule your life by what you see or what you hear

• You are a part of a different Kingdom

• You are a new species in Christ Jesus

• Ten things you need to know when you are dealing with the Spirit of Discouragement:

1. Think on what God has done in your life (Exodus 13:3)
2. See God bigger than your problem
3. You have to have faith in what God says (Numbers 23:19)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
April 03, 2011
“Friendship Sunday”
“Confronting the Issue’s”

Proverbs 27:10 Proverbs 27:17

• Sometimes disaster does strike – Situations happens that are out of your control

• Because you have a friend – You don’t even have to go to family members for assistance

• If you have any type of relationship with someone - There will be conflict

• You must be conflict resolution minded in your relationships – You should work through them and not run from them

• Three things you need to know about conflict:
1. Conflicts always have a cure
• There is a resolution, there is peace – There is something that God can bring to cure your marital problems and your interpersonal relationships

2. You can not correct what you are not willing to confront
• Your graduation or you going to the next level will never happen until you confront the situation

3. You can not correct what you are not willing to confront
• You can not help everybody – Even God can not help a person when they are not willing to change

• If the person does not respect the God-Wisdom in you – They will never accept your counsel and you can not help someone who will not receive you

• Here are six Health benefits of Friendship:
1. Increases your sense of belonging and purpose
• The world does everything it can to keep you isolated and separated

2. It boost your happiness
• There are forces fighting against your happiness – God has an antidote called “a friend”

3. Friendship reduces stress
• One of the biggest killers today is stress – Most of the diseases people are receiving is out of stress

4. Improves your self-worth
• A good friend just makes you feel better about your self

5. Decreases the risk of serious Mental Illness
• Psychology Today, states that one out of three people are dealing with some level of Mental Illness – A friend will reduces those issues

6. Helps you weather the trauma of Divorce, Serious Illness, Job Lost or Death of a
Loved One
• God designed a full-proof situation to help you through the times when you are hurting the most – God designed friendships

• God has brought friends into your life to help you be a better person

• They have something to add to you – Can you receive it?

• Do you recognize the value your friends are to you?

• The devil fights so hard against you having friendships and relationships

• He does not want you to be sharpened to the level that you can be a serious weapon against the works of the enemy out in the world

• God wants to sharpen you – But it’s not going to be by yourself

• It will be because you learned how to build relationships and listen to them

• God brings you a gift – That gift is called a friend

• You can not get to where you want to go without receiving the wisdom of that friend

• You must come to the place in your life that you recognize the value of friendships

• If you don’t recognize the value or learn to receive wisdom from friendships

• You will always be flipping and flopping in your pursuit of happiness, greatness, and your prosperity – Because you don’t know how to protect your friendships

• There is a connection between friends, a chemistry – An aroma that is released and goes up to God when friends come together

• The same thing happens with churches – God brings you to a church where the “Man of God” can help you

• There is a releasing of the DNA of the “Man of God” into your life – This is all done to help you move up

• Don’t allow the enemy to cause you to get into offense and make you leave the place where you received your DNA

• You must fight off anything that comes against your relationships and friendships