Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Who Offended You And Stopped You From Receiving Your Miracle

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux 04/21/2013 “Winning The Lost At Any Cost” “Who Offended You And Stopped You From Receiving Your Miracle” Mark 4:15-19 Matthew 26:6-16 Acts 24:16 • Many people have had their miracles blocked, prayers unanswered, and negative things happened in their lives because of the “spirit of offense” • Offense:(Greek) –Skandalizo – To set a trap with the intent to harm, hurt, maim, and to destroy • Satan is setting traps for the believer with the intent to harm, hurt, and maim • When you make a decision to be a part of a church that is teaching you the bible and biblical truths – You have to fight to keep the truth • Keep the whole truth and nothing but the truth • It’s the truth that will set you free - The enemy does not want you to get the truth • Once you get the truth – You have to fight to keep it • The enemy will do everything he can to steal the truth from you • He knows that if you will hold fast to the truth - It will set you free • It’s not the truth that you know – It’s the truth that you’re operating under • When you get offended, the enemy then comes to make you unfruitful and unproductive • Satan wants to stop you from being a blessing to anybody • Don’t get offended while Pastor Goudeaux is teaching on offense • Remember that satan will come immediately to steal the word (truth) that has been sown into your life • God is a “Miracle Working God” • If you need a miracle, a breakthrough, a answer to prayer, or you need God to do something significant on your behalf - God is able to take care of you • If God is not doing what you want Him to do – It’s not a “God” problem, it’s a “you” problem • You need to find out what is hindering God from working in your life • God’s love is unconditional – You must work on yourself so God can do what He wants to do • In Matthew 26:the disciples got offended at Mary’s appreciation of what Jesus had done for her • She gave back to the one who had done something for her - It is good for you to give to your “Man of God” • You must realize that poverty has a mask • The enemy wants to keep you in a state of lack, poverty, and in bondage • Jesus broke the curse of poverty - He does not want you to be bound • You have to work on your own attitude – No one can forgive for you • Satan wants to destroy your life because somebody offended you • The “spirit of offense” will cause you to betray the ones you love the most • When offense comes – It opens the door to betrayal, rebellion, and disloyalty • When the above doors are opened – It will cause an even deeper door to open • It opens the door to spiritual suicide—You will cutoff God’s ability to work on your behalf • Your prayers can be hindered through your actions • Your greatest breakthrough is right in front of you - If you can just let go of your old ugly past and all the hurt you’ve experienced and release the “spirit of offense” • You must remain void of offense towards God and man • Power to the people that hang in there, power to the people that stay in faith, power to the people that keep believing and power to the people that keep standing, knowing that your blessing is on the way – You cannot get offended while you are waiting • You will never make it to the level that God wants you to be on if you can’t deal with obstacles • The devil does not play fair – Your prayers may not get answered as quick as you want; however, they will get answered • If you are going through something – Don’t feel that God has abandoned you • There are some lessons to be learned in your pain – God is trying to help you - He is trying to teach you some things • Drop the offense and receive the things that God has for you