Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Calvary Christian Center G-12 Administration – Life Notes Pastor Phillip G. Goudeaux Jr. 08/26/2012 “Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor” “What’s Hindering Your Witness?” “Let Your Light Shine” II Timothy 3:16, 17 Acts 26: 6 Romans 5:8 Matthews 28:19-20 Matthews 5:14-16 • Thank God that He does not look at you the same way that mankind does • God does not look at us with the judgment that some Christians look at people • He paid the “price” while you were yet in sin • You need to look at people through the eyes of Love and God rather than through the eyes of Judgment and Criticism • People who believe that they are helpless do not need to be judged when they come to the light • The enemy wants you to believe that it takes a certain personality to be a witness for Christ • Jesus did not specify any type of individual to “go” – He just said to “go” • The commandment is for everyone • You don’t get to make the judgment call on who is eligible for the salvation plan • You are just responsible for arranging the meeting to tell others about Jesus • Just “go” and make disciples - God wants the lost more than they could ever know • God will set you up to meet people who need what you have • Be a witness to the things that you have seen • The anointing is the thing that destroys the yoke and removes the burdens • God just wants you to rise and stand on your feet - He will make you a Minister • God saved you to minister to the you in somebody else - All you need to do is testify • There is power that will show up because of your obedience • God created you to be you • If you have a light – Then let it shine • The light makes a difference • You may not know how to make a move – But you can shine • There are no light breaks – So don’t hid your light • What you have to say will change some lives • “Go” snatch the lost out of darkness