Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
February 20, 2011
Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All
“The Principle of Firstfruits”

Proverbs 3:1-10 Genesis 4:1-7 Romans 11:16 Romans 15:4
Leviticus 2:12 Deuteronomy 26:1-11

• God is a “God of Principles”

• When you live according to His principles – You know that God will always show up big on your behalf

• The enemy fights against men and women who commit their lives to a life of living by God’s principles

• You already know a lot of the principles – But the devil will fight against the principles of God in your life

• You must fight to keep the principles

• The word keep is a military term – It means to guard and to protect with your life

• You must guard and protect the principles that you were taught in the word of God

• Honor the Lord with your substance – Be careful that you don’t start thinking that what you have is yours

• Everything that you have – God has given it to you

• If God is going to continue giving to you – You must be prepared to release what God has given to you so that He can give you more

• It is a principle – Give and it shall be given back unto you

• If God ever ask for something – He has more in store - If you release what He ask for

• Firstfruits is about honoring God – He always wants to be first

• Firstfruits giving is about honoring God and declaring Him “number one” in your life

• It’s about you letting earth, heaven, beneath the earth, and every demon – Know that God is “number one” in your life

• During the first part of the year – We have one Sunday designated as “Firstfruits Sunday”

• On that Sunday - You should bring your Firstfruits – Recognizing God as first

• If you put God first – He will put you at the top of His agenda

• Some people want God to do something first – God has already did His part

• God had respect for Abel’s offering

• Cain did not do as God had commanded – Therefore God did not honor Cain’s offering

• When you bring your Firstfruits – God declares it blessed – Then everything associated with it is blessed

• Jesus came from heaven and became a man – He was pulled out of humanity to be a sacrifice for us

• Because Jesus was a Firstfruits – When He gave His life – He became Holy and everybody connected with Him is also Holy

• Jesus is blessed – So everybody connected with Him is blessed

• Jesus is declared righteous - Everybody connected with Him is declared righteous

• If you don’t come on Firstfruits Sunday because you don’t want to come

• Then your attitude is going to cost you more than you can imagine

• If in the past you didn’t come because you didn’t think you had enough to give

• It’s not about how much you have – It’s about the attitude of what you do have

• Everybody can’t give on the same level

• Everybody can do something – Because what you want is the blessing

• Your Firstfruits is not being offered to Calvary Christian Center

• It is being offered unto the Lord - You should offer it with some excitement

• God is looking for you to have the right attitude –Stand and declare that your God is able

• Firstfruits is about God being:
1. First in your life
2. It’s about your worship
3. It’s about your rejoicing

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
February 13, 2011
Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All
“The Principle of Firstfruits”
God is First
Proverbs 3:1-10 I John 3:22 Hebrews 11:5 Genesis 4:1-7 Romans 11:6

• Principle: Statutes – Commands – Laws - God is a “God of Principles”

• Everything God does – He does it according to principles

• God wants you to do everything according to principles

• Therefore, you will have: Safety – Protection – Blessings - God’s Anointing

• There is the principle of Love – If you give love – Love will come back to you

• If you give bitterness – Bitterness will come back to you

• Let your heart keep God’s commandments

• Keep: Means to protect with your life – You have to fight to keep the principles

• Keeping the principles will bring length of days and long life to you – God will continually add peace to you

• You must acknowledge God – So that He may direct your path

• You’re not smart enough to direct your own life

• The way you get smarter – Is to acknowledge God in all your ways

• You know that you will be successful when God is in charge

• Honor means to: Obey –Reverence – Worship - Respect

• What does God want from you? – He wants you to honor Him

• When you honor God – He honors you - When a man honors his wife – She will honor him

• Then God will honor that man because that man is operating according to what God has told him to do – That man is operating according to principle

• God so loved the world – He gave His only son “Jesus” – Which is a firstfruits

• As a result of God giving His son as a firstfruits offering

• He is still receiving a harvest today – You are a part of that harvest

• There is so much power in understanding the firstfruits offering

• Principles can be activated at any time – By doing the principle

• Principles are the pathway to abundant living – The enemy is fighting the principles working in your life

• Principle is trusting in God’s word – When you operate in principle – You are showing God that you trust Him according to His word - You can not separate God from His word

• Some Christians say they prayed but “never got their prayers answered, or nothing ever happened for them” – It is either them or God – That is the problem

• Let me tell you, “It’s not God” – Here’s the problem – They are not keeping His principles or they are not doing those things that are pleasing to Him

• Written in his book, “In His Presence”, E. W. Kenyon stated that “Jesus always did those things that are pleasing to God

• Make up your mind that God will be first in your - Marriage – Business dealings - Interpersonal relationships - Finances

• Whatever you do, put God first – Then God will promote you – God wants to be first

• When Adam sinned , it put God on the outside - Principles obligates God to function back in the earth – When you operate in principles, it gives God a legal right to get involved

• When you operate according to the principle of firstfruits – When you bring it and God blesses it – He still wants you to have some sense

• Many people have extended themselves beyond where they should have

• As God starts turning some things around in your life and starts blessing you again – Learn to be smarter – Don’t go out right away and start spending on things you don’t need

• Save your money – Pay off some debt – Start being wise with your stewardship

• “Father, today I want to commit my life to you; to always do those things that are pleasing unto you. I commit my life to serving and giving in every area of my life. I break and take authority over the cycle of destruction, lack, want, and need in my life. Thank you Lord God, that you are mindful of me; that you got me on your mind to increase me in every area of my life. I believe, by faith that today is the beginning of bigger and greater things because I commit to do those things that are pleasing and honorable unto you Father for the rest of my life.”

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
February 06, 2011
“Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All”
“The Principle of Firstfruits”

Proverbs 3:1-10

• God shows himself strong on the behalf of a person who is a Firstfruits giver

• God always wants to be first

• Anytime God ask you to do something – It is never going to be without a promise or a reward connected to it

• That is why the enemy fights you so hard – To keep you from obeying God

• When you don’t forget His principles – When you keep them in your heart

• Length of days – Long life – Shalom (Peace) - Shall be added to you

• Many people are looking for the fountain of youth – When it is right in the Bible

• All you have to do is learn how to operate according to God’s principles

• Principle: Love thy neighbor as thyself

• Most people don’t love their neighbors as themselves

• Many Christians are prejudice, have anger, bitterness, lack of forgiveness, critical, and fault finding

• These are Christians who have been washed in the blood and yet they are holding onto these things - Then they want God to bless them

• The enemy does not play fair – It’s not you – The enemy is fighting against principles

• The enemy knows that God is a “God of Principle” - Just remember to say that

God wants you to be a person of principle – When you are – Then you obligate God

• Most people don’t like that word “obligate”

• But it’s not so much that you obligate Him – God obligates Himself

• When we operate according to God’s principles – God can tell the devil that “they did my word, now I’m obligated to do it for them”

• Satan is the God of this world – However, every time you operate according to God’s principles – God has a legal right to bless you

• Every time you do something good – God does something

• Every time you do something evil – The devil does something

• The reason you are in some situations today is because you have violated a principle

• Most of you think you can do it yourself – You don’t take the time to acknowledge God

• The reason why you get into the situations that you do is because you don’t acknowledge God – You just do it yourself

• In all your ways – Acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths

• Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the Firstfruits of all thine increase

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Minister Carlos Gonzales
January 30, 2011
“Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All”
“Covenant with Tithes”

Genesis 9:14-16 Genesis 28:18-22 Genesis 31:13 Psalms 89:34
Deuteronomy 8:18 Deuteronomy 7:9, 10

• Covenant is a weapon of war – Just like obedience is a weapon of war

• The greatest covenant that is in scripture is – The covenant we have through the Blood of Jesus Christ

• However, there are other covenants that are part of the promises of God for you to benefit from as you obey God

• God is a “God of covenant” - God promises to do – If you will do

• Covenant: Agreement – Contract – Promise – Vow – Similar to our understanding of a firm handshake

• The greatest motivator for covenant is love - You should tithe because you love God

• God is committed to covenant – You must see and value covenant as God does

• Every time God made a covenant with man – He gave them a sign

• The sign is to remind God of His covenant with man - With every promise – There is a sign

• The tithe is a sign of the covenant – God is not committed until you do your part

• Every time you give – You remind God of the covenant – You also remind God that you remember covenant

• The word remember is a covenant word - It means to recall – Bring to remembrance – It also means memorial

• Let your giving be a memorial – A sign before the face of God

• Every time you tithe - It’s before God’s face - God is being reminded of what He said to you

• “To open the windows of heaven – Pour you out a blessing that there is not room to
receive – I will rebuke the devourer – I will make you a delightsome land”

• The tithe is not a religious obligation – It is a sign of the covenant – A reminder of God’s promise to you