Thursday, April 12, 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
Resurrection Sunday 04/08/2012
“Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor”
“Living in the Kingdom’s Blessing”
“Through the Passover, the Blood, and the Cross

Acts 12:4 Exodus 12:1-13 I Corinthians 5:7 Leviticus 17:11

• For many people - Easter has lost its power from what it used to be – Because many people have lost their way

• This country has lost its way – God has been taken out of so many things

• Because of that - the Easter bunny has been introduced into Easter

• Instead of Easter being about resurrection – II is about an Easter bunny

• Easter is about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ

• Act 12:4 is the only time you will see “Easter” presented in the bible

• Easter is the translation (KJV) of the Greek word pascha – Which means Passover

• The original intent of the writing in Acts was to keep him in prison until after the Passover

• God can speak to you no matter where you are – If you have an ear to hear Him

• April is the first month in the Jewish calendar

• God spoke to the “Children of Israel” and gave them specific instructions

• Their obedience gave God the legal right to intervene on their behalf

• Some people do not get delivered because they look at the man more than the vessel that God is trying to use to help them

• When deliverance comes in your life – It makes you feel uncomfortable sometimes

• Deliverance does not always come the way you want it to come

• God does not always send a perfect deliverer – But if one has been sent to you - You must learn to receive what God sends

• If you need deliverance, breakthrough, or a miracle – Learn how to follow instructions

• The instruction given to the “Children of Israel” gave God the legal right to Passover instead of passing through when the death angel passed by

• Why should you be angry with God when you have not done what He has told you to do?

• If you are going to live in the kingdom and receive blessings how God wants you to have them

• You must understand the nature of “P” - “B” - “C”

• “P” Passover Lamb: make a commitment to live a life that allows God to be your Passover lamb

• Not only did God deliver the “Children of Israel” – God will deliver you too

• There is only one way – Jesus is that way – No one gets to the Father except through Jesus

• “B” Blood of Jesus – Jesus sacrificed His precious blood – His blood was sinless

• When you except Jesus Christ into your life – He applies the blood upon you where ever you go

• The blood is speaking, protecting, providing, and fighting on your behalf

• Sin is in the blood – But the blood of Jesus was for your atonement

• “C” Cross – Jesus had to go to the cross for you - It was designed to bring pain - Jesus had to carry the cross to bring redemption for you - It was the ultimate shame

• Not only did Jesus died upon the cross – He was buried and went to hell for you

• On the third day, God said “It Is Finished” – Jesus arose from the grave triumphantly with the keys to death, the grave, and hell

• Satan does not even have the keys to his own “House”

• Jesus defeated every curse that could ever come upon you

• You have the victory today through the Passover Lamb “Jesus”

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
“Living in God’s Order and Increasing in His Favor”
“Living in the Kingdom’s Blessing”

Matthew 4:23, 24 Matthew 9:35 Mark 1:14, 15 Genesis 1:26, 27
Galatians 3:1, 7-14 Ephesians 1:1-3 Genesis 9:1

• Jesus went about preaching the gospel of the Kingdom

• What is the gospel of the Kingdom? – It is the good news

• It is the good news – But it is bigger than that

• Jesus also healed every sickness and disease among the people – Jesus brought/demonstrated the blessing

• The blessing is bigger than any curse – It will overtake every negative thing in your life

• When the blessing is on your life – Everyone will know

• It will continue to elevate you until no one will question or wonder if God is in your life

• The blessing is to get you OVER

• Three letters you need to keep in front of you all the time
1. F - Forgive
2. R - Repent
3. O - Obey

• If you want the blessing to stay over your life – You must be quick to forgive, repent and obey

• God created you in his own likeness, put you over things, and then He put a blessing on you

• The enemy will do all he can to get you out from under the blessing

• How did you let someone talk you out of the truth – You know what you were supposed to do

• Who has bewitched you? – And caused you to go contrary to the way you were supposed to go

• Bewitched: To be charmed with words - To be charmed with words by seducing spirits

• Seducing spirits target certain people

• They target: Hurting people
Lonely people
Ignorant people
Offended people
Spiritual Weak people
Rebellious people

• God wants the blessing to be upon your life to make a difference in everything that you do

• The same blessing that was upon Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham – Jesus brought it to you

• The blessings follow the Blesser

• So make the commitment to run after the Blesser more than the blessing

• Be quick to give God the glory and honor when He brings the blessing upon your life

• “God, we bless you” – “We thank you for being the Blesser” – We give you the glory and honor in Jesus name

• Faith puts a demand upon the blessing – That’s why “the just shall live by faith”

• The enemy wants to limit and contain you

• The blessing breaks the limitations and boundaries in your life

• Everything you need has already been given to you

• See it in the spiritual realm – Then use your faith to put a demand on your blessings

• The blessing is a protector

• Make sure you stay under the blessing by living right