Thursday, November 3, 2011

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
“Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All”
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
October 30, 2011
“Exposing the Enemy’s Hidden Attack”
“Against our Youth, Family and Christian Culture”
“Seducing Spirits”

II Timothy 3:1-7 Genesis 3:1, 8 I Timothy 4:1

• Seducing spirits lead you astray

• The enemy wants to lead you astray from everything good in your life

• The penalty for being lead astray is very grave

• Sometimes people don’t make it back

• We have been so desensitized about our young children’s involvement with sexual activities

• Our society no longer views sexual promiscuity as something horrible

• You must turn away from everyone who is not helping you to get to God

• If seducing spirits can get it in you – They can control your life

• Seducing spirits has a partner called witchcraft – It comes along with seducing spirits

• These spirits will creep into your life a little at a time

• The devil does not want to present himself in such a way that you turn him away

• Our society is releasing predatory spirits

• Seducing spirits are working with witchcraft and preventing some people from getting back

• With seducing spirits and witchcraft comes soul ties – Then total deception

• The enemy’s job is to get you pass the point of no return in your life

• At that point, you cannot think straight – You don’t make logical decisions – You make all the wrong choices

• You allow the enemy to strip everything good and right in your life, out of your life

• Soul ties will bind you deeply into the wicked, seducing and witchcraft spirits

• It then becomes very difficult to bring you back

• The enemy uses music, songs, lyrics and the beat to bind you to soul ties

• The evil spirits have only one thing in mind – That is your total destruction

• Seducing spirits are always trying to pull you away from God

• Don’t get pulled in by seducing spirits and their cohorts because they have nothing to offer but death and destruction

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Calvary Christian Center
G-12 Administration – Life Notes
“Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All”
Pastor: Phillip G. Goudeaux
October 23, 2011
“Exposing and Revealing the Hidden Attack”
“Against our Youth, Family and Christian Culture”

I Timothy 3:1 Proverbs 4:4-7 John 10:10 I Timothy 4:1

• Seducing spirits are like termites in your house

• Your whole house can be almost eaten up and destroyed before you even know that you have a termite problem

• Seducing spirits don’t want to be uncovered

• These spirits don’t want a lot from you at first – They take a little at a time

• When you get the Word – You must fight to retain it

• You will lose the Word if you compromise over some feelings or some situation

• The enemy uses videos and everything that he can to get through to your eye and hear gates

• He knows that once he gets his stuff inside of you – It is hard to get it out of you

• You have a right to protect your eye and hear gates

• If you don’t protect them – You are then put on the road to destruction

• The food commercials are presenting food

• But it is a seducing spirit selling sex to our children or anybody trying to live right

• The enemy is trying to destroy anything that is good

• He uses these commercials to put images into your mind

• He wants to expose you to a world of fantasy

• Get a understanding about the signs of the last days

• What use to be repulsive is now just common

• The enemy has degraded sex to the lowest level

• He is bringing seducing spirits to attack you to cause you to make insane decisions

Statistics you should know:

• In 2006, an estimated 5259 young people ages 13-24 was diagnosed with HIV

• Each year approximately 19 million new STD infections occur – Almost half of them are among the youth between 15-24

• Sacramento is now number one with the STD Chlamydia - Many of the STDs have no cure

• The enemy is driving and causing our children into thinking that sex is nothing and has no accountability - That girls are nothing but play things for boys

• Somewhere, somebody has to be willing to stand up and help call others to take a stand to fight for what is right

• There is a destruction going on

• You are being attacked in your home through the videos, television and other media

• More than 400 thousands teen girls between 15-19 have given birth in 2009

• Many parents are allowing cheap imitators that are operating through seducing spirits to function in their homes without saying or doing anything

• The FBI estimate that over 100 thousands children and young women have been trafficked in American today

• This is happening because we are feeding perverts through the porn industry

• Children are being forced into the sexual industry and their lives are being destroyed

• Sacramento is rated number one in teen prostitution, both male and female

• The music industry is being used to seduce your young children

• You can’t take the music away from them – But there are tools that parents can use to counter act the destructive attacks

• Don’t become so spiritual that you become unaware of what your children are doing

• Take a stand and fight